Ending Homelessness Today — Homelessness Research Institute (HRI)

  • Data Points: Prioritizing Youth for Housing
  • Data Points: Homelessness Prevention – To Do or Not To Do?
  • 2013 Homeless Counts Interactive Map (Update)
  • Data Points: The Family Options Study
  • Data Point: The State of the Nation’s Housing
  • Data Points: Rapid Re-Housing and Employment
  • Interactive Map: The 2013 Veteran Homelessness Numbers
  • Are You Ending Chronic Homelessness in Your Community?
  • Data Points: Rapid Re-Housing Works
  • State of Homelessness 2013: Ending Veteran Homelessness
  • The State of Homelessness in America 2013: Chapter 3
  • Data Points: Unaffordable Housing
  • Tracking Progress: Interactive Point-in-Time Count Map
  • Data Points: Is the Homeless Population Aging?
  • Field Notes: Retooling Transitional Housing Success Stories
  • Call for Youth Point in Time Count Information

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