Ending Homelessness Today — Point in Time Counts

  • Community Point-in-Time Counts
  • HUD Releases 2010 PIT Counts
  • Did Your Community Count Homeless Youth This Year?
  • DC to conduct count of homeless youth
  • 2011 PIT Counts Media Map
  • Friday News Roundup: the PIT counts!
  • What's so special about the PIT counts?
  • Are you helping out with the point-in-time count?
  • Why Aren’t We Counting the Kids?
  • But what about the children?
  • How to Count Homeless Youth - Find out With Nan Roman and Barbra Poppe!
  • Major Findings in the 5th Quarterly Pulse Report
  • Counting Homelessness - the 2010 point-in-time counts
  • Friday News Roundup: 38 percent drop in homelessness in Los Angeles, California
  • Data + Research: Video Fact Sheet
  • HMIS Data in Minnesota
  • Troubles in Colorado
  • Data + Research: the Annual Homeless Assessment Report

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