Ending Homelessness Today — Policy and Legislation

  • Why healthcare reform matters in the fight against homelessness
  • Call Congress today to increase funding for services to the homeless: Do it now!
  • Senate passes latest version of the Jobs Bill, but HPRP funding is nowhere to be found
  • Weigh in on the Federal Plan to End Homelessness at our Annual Conference
  • Notes from Nan: The Healthcare-Homelessness Connection
  • Friday News Roundup: Medicaid and the Health Care Debate
  • New Rules for Homeless Assistance Programs
  • International Bent: Global Poverty
  • Friday: News Roundup, Poverty Report
  • The President: Healthcare and the Homeless
  • Congratulations to New Jersey!
  • Meet Rich: Youth Homelessness and Housing
  • Ending Homelessness with HPRP: Transforming Homeless Assistance
  • Remembering Ted Kennedy
  • Ending Homelessness with HPRP: An Introduction
  • Guest Blog: Homelessness and Health Care
  • News Brief - New York Times
  • Understanding the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Programs

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