Ending Homelessness Today

The official blog of the National Alliance to End Homelessness

  • Why Block Granting and other changes to Medicaid will cut out people in need
  • Engaging Philanthropy in Ending Homelessness
  • Making Rapid Re-Housing the System Focus in Mercer County
  • Where to Find New Funding for Rapid Re-Housing
  • Combating Homelessness By Engaging Mainstream Systems
  • Making Rapid Re-Housing Partnerships: Lots of Work To Do!
  • Ready for the New Congress: 8 Things They Might Do With Big Impacts on Homelessness
  • How Salt Lake City Makes Rapid Re-Housing Work
  • Major Developments in Mental Health Reform
  • Time is running out to apply for the Transatlantic Practice Exchange!
  • To Grow Rapid Re-Housing, Build Your System Around It
  • Improving Your Rapid Re-Housing Program to End Homelessness
  • Make a Difference in the Lives of Children on Giving Tuesday
  • Application Open for the 2017 Transatlantic Practice Exchange
  • Take Rapid Re-housing Practice to the Next Level
  • Insights on Homelessness from Across the Pond
  • Grow. Change. And Thrive!
  • How can we honor veterans?
  • To advance rapid re-housing, we need more data
  • Tell Congress: You’re paying attention

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