2013 Homeless Counts Interactive Map (Update)

written by naehblog
July 16, 2013

Today's blog post was contributed by Rachel Goodling, the Alliance's Research Intern working with the Alliance's Homelessness Research institute.

Since January of this year, many of you have been submitting your communities’ Point-in-Time Counts to the Alliance’s Homelessness Research Institute, and we appreciate your participation in our efforts to track rates of homelessness in communities nationwide.

We’ve compiled your data and posted it online on our interactive map, which is continually updated as you send us your PIT data. This map will give you an idea of how your community is doing in your efforts to end homelessness and give you the ability to compare your community’s numbers against those in different cities and states.

Of the 71 jurisdictions who have submitted data so far, a slight majority, 38, have reported decreases in homelessness. The decrease varies between jurisdictions, ranging from 2 percent to 68 percent. The remaining 33 jurisdictions have reported increases in homelessness in their locality. While this overall decrease in homeless is encouraging, there is still much work to be done. Some jurisdictions have seen as much as a 133 percent increase in homelessness over the past 2 years.

The Alliance’s 2013 State of Homelessness report estimated that nationwide homelessness dropped only 0.4 percent. There are approximately 633,782 individuals experiencing homelessness across the country.

Is your community on track to end homelessness? Check out our new interactive map below to see rates around the country and how your community is progressing toward the goal of ending homelessness. Submit your point-in-time count data to have it included on our map by emailing it to counts@naeh.org.

- Media report of an increase -CoC/government report of an increase
- Media report of a decrease - CoC/government report of a decrease

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