Alliance welcomes Lisa Stand and Andre Wade

written by naehblog
November 10, 2010

Special thanks to Rachel Costas, Alliance intern, for her help with today’s blogpost.

The Alliance is delighted and lucky to announce two new members of our staff! André Wade joins us to serve as point person on youth policy; Lisa Stand offers her expertise on health care policy.

Throughout his career, André worked with children/families who experienced homelessness at some point in their lives and learned that children exiting foster care children often experiencing homelessness as young adults.

Upon arriving at the Alliance and examining homelessness and homelessness policy, he (like most of us) was surprised by the lack of data on homeless youth and dearth of policy around the issue. He also observed much more closely that homelessness is, in fact, a problem that exists “literally everywhere.” Luckily, Andre is eager and ready to join the mission and work on LGBTQ homeless youth issues and youth and child welfare issues as they relate to homelessness.

Our new youth programs and policy analyst is a Las Vegas native with a fondness for white chocolate chip cookies.

Our new senior policy analyst, Lisa Stand, comes to us with a strong background in health care policy and an enthusiasm for the new health care reform policies. She especially interested in health care reform as it could aid people who need it most – namely, people experiencing homelessness.

Our new analyst has worked in health policy for her entire career; her most recent position was at the venerable AARP. And in the wide ranging field of health care, she’s particularly interested in the intersection of healthcare/mental health and housing issues and the way public health and social policy can affect societal change. She is – as many are – very interested in the notion that homelessness is a social problem that we can really end.

The Cheverly, MD native has a soft spot for reading, knitting, her two cats, and oatmeal cookies.

Please join me in welcoming the new members of the Alliance staff!