Celebrating Zach Bonner: the Little Red Wagon boy

written by naehblog
July 9, 2009

At some point, I’ll write an appropriately comprehensive post about youth homelessness, but for right now – this will have to do.

Today, Zach Bonner arrived in Washington, D.C. and completed his 1225 mile journey for youth homelessness. This young man has received TONS of media attention as he trekked across the country to raise awareness about homelessness among young people.

Our own youth homelessness team was out today to support Zach Bonner – and they seemed to have a mighty fine time doing it. Check out our pictures!

If you want to learn about and support Zach, check out the Little Red Wagon Foundation.

You can also read the Alliance’s press release on Zach’s walk on our website.