Check out the Alliance's Columbus Model

written by naehblog
November 30, 2010

The Alliance just put out a huge (seriously, it’s hefty) toolkit – what we’re calling the Columbus Model.

So here’s the thing: Columbus, OH is really good at ending homelessness. Really, they’ve done all the right things: focused on prevention, implemented rapid re-housing techniques, encouraged excellent data collecting – all the things that make a program measurably successful. They’re so good, in fact, that we published a community snapshot on their 46 percent decrease in homelessness a few years ago.

And they’re still at it! With laser-focus on performance measurement and performance evaluation of both their community-wide homeless assistance system and their individual programs, Columbus has managed to really focus on improving assistance and reducing homelessness.

Lucky for you, we’ve distilled the lessons learned in this community and we’re sharing them with you so that you can implement them in yours! Our four-part profile of the Columbus Model includes:

We’ve also included tools and samples that you can download and adapt for your own community.

Why do you care? You care because next year, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is going to get serious about the outcomes laid out in the HEARTH Act (that’s the reauthorization of theMcKinney Vento Grants) – and communities everywhere are going to have to shape up to meet those outcomes. One of the great things about the Columbus Model is that it already meets many of the outcomes laid out in the HEARTH Act – Columbus works on reducing the length of stay, preventing loss of housing, encouraging rapid re-housing, housing stability, data collection, performance measurement, and a number of the other goals that will be required upon the implementation of the HEARTH Act.

We hope you find this model helpful – please feel free to peruse the articles and download the supplemental tools and guidelines. For more information abou the model, or to learn more about the Alliance’s Center for Capacity Building, please email us.