Examining The Federal Plan: Objective 2 – Increasing knowledge

written by naehblog
September 16, 2010

And it’s back! I’m picking up where Marisa dropped off in learning about the ten objectives of Opening Doors: Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness.

Today we’re looking at objective two.

Objective 2: Strengthen the capacity of public and private organizations by increasing knowledge about collaboration, homelessness, and successful interventions to prevent and end homelessness.

As the communications arm of the Alliance, this objective is really important to us. One of the goals outlined in theHRI mission is to build and disseminate information about homelessness and engage the public and the media.

And to that end, we’ve tried to adopt the technologies that make the most sense to us. You’ll find us on Facebook, you can follow us on Twitter, you can check out our videos on YouTube and see our pictures (from our photo contest on Flickr. (And of course, there’s this blog). Through these avenues, we aim to engage supporters and disseminate information about homelessness – and solutions to homelessness.

Of course, the primary vehicle to do just that is our website. There, you’ll find factsheets, solutions, strategies, community snapshots, research, and an oft-visited and very helpful section called About Homelessness. The website is regularly updated with new information about the wide range of issues that intersect with homelessness: health care, veterans affairs, welfare, violence, substance abuse, and the like.

Our challenge is always in reaching the people that need us. Our last usability test (conducted at the Annual Conference in July) suggested that – despite our efforts – a significant portion of conference attendees don’t subscribe to our newsletter or our social networks. We may be pushing information into the atmosphere but it’s of very little use unless anyone receives it!

So we embrace this new objective set forth by the federal plan, challenging us to share knowledge about homelessness and it’s solutions. I certainly hope you’ll join me in spreading the news!