Field Notes: How to Provide Supportive Services in Rapid Re-Housing

written by Anna Blasco
November 7, 2012

Today we’ve released the fourth in a five-part training series on rapid re-housing. This short video training focuses on providing supportive services as a part of a rapid re-housing model, and is conducted by Kay Moshier McDivitt. (Before watching this module, I recommend watching the three previous modules on Housing Barriers AssessmentHousing Search and Location/Developing Relationships with Landlords, and Designing Subsidies.)

The rapid re-housing approach includes a different method of providing services than you may be familiar with. Before a person is housed through rapid re-housing, services focus on any barriers they may have to obtaining housing. Once they move in, services focus on addressing the barriers that may prevent someone from maintaining housing. Additionally, services in rapid re-housing are voluntary.

The modules include narrated PowerPoint presentations, as well as activities you can do to enhance your content knowledge. Any questions on the modules should be directed to