Field Notes: Retooling Transitional Housing Success Stories

written by naehblog
February 27, 2013

Today we continue our vlog series where Alliance staff members answer common questions on a particular topic. Kim Walker kicked our series off by answering five common questions on Coordinated Assessment. Today, Alliance Capacity Building Associate Kay Moshier McDivitt answers a common question we receive about retooling transitional housing programs: “What are some real-world examples of programs that have successfully retooled?”

In this video, Kay discusses three programs that have retooled their transitional housing programs into a different program type. First, she discusses Agape Family and Children’s Services, in Memphis, TN. Agape retooled its site-based family transitional housing program, Families in Transition (FIT) to a transition-in-place rapid re-housing model. Second, she discusses the Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA), also in Memphis, which began the retooling process by reducing the eligibility requirements needed to enter their program, then reducing the time participants spend in their programs. Finally, Kay gives the example of the YWCA, in Lancaster, PA, which repurposed some of their units into a single room occupancy model.

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