Field Notes: The Rapid Re-Housing Role-Playing Game

written by Anna Blasco
May 22, 2013

The Center for Capacity Building does quite a bit of training, and we have learned that you can stand in front of people and talk for only so long. Activities and exercises that give people a chance to experiment with new concepts can lead to paradigm shifts and can be more fun then watching us talk. Today we are sharing a rapid re-housing role playing game that we use during our trainings. 

We use this game as part of our trainings on rapid re-housing after we have introduced participants to the basics of the rapid re-housing model. The game illustrates how rapid re-housing works and explores the different roles involved: homeless families, housing locators, and landlords, among others. The full game takes about an hour and a half to play and requires eight players. 

Give this game a try to break up your next board or staff meeting and then let us how it goes!

Photo: Participants in a rapid re-housing Learning Collaborative playing the rapid re-housing role playing game.