Field Notes: What if your program’s leadership doesn’t support retooling?

written by Kay Moshier McDivitt
March 19, 2013

Continuing our series of answering frequently asked questions,  today’s vlog answers a question on the topic of retooling transitional housing programs: “What if our organization’s executive director/leadership does not support the retooling our transitional housing program, but the local Continuum of Care is moving in that direction?”

This is a question I received during our Performance Improvement Clinics, where we often discuss retooling transitional housing as a possible change strategy. In these discussions, we have learned that reluctant leadership can be a struggle, particularly for organizations that have operated a transitional housing program for many years under the same board of directors or executive director. 

In this video I share information and ideas from providers who have retooled their programs as well as ideas from my own experience in retooling a transitional housing program prior to my work here at the Alliance. The key to engaging organizational leadership is through education and lots of dialogue, both at the organizational and the community levels.  

Look for more frequently asked questions on our Field Notes series. If you have a question that you would like us to respond to next, let us know in the comments!