Friday News Round Up: A Lot to Anticipate

written by naehblog
August 6, 2010

August tends to be a slow month, what with everyone including Congress taking their vacations, but even now we can hear the sounds of change rattling up the gangway.

On the subject of homeless veterans, new plans are being released. The White House blog talked this week about “10 Ways the VA is Serving Our Vets”, and the Politico featured a guest opinion about the federal strategic plan’s strategy to deal with the veterans at risk of homelessness – and specifically those who will soon be returning from our current conflicts.

Out of Indiana, we heard about new legislation that will help youth who are dealing with homelessness. (It’s always so great when student papers cover homelessness!)

Finally, you’ve already probably seen the first couple stories of a series the Los Angeles Times is running about Project 50 – the controversial local initiative to fight chronic homelessness. The series will continue through the weekend and spotlight one of our organizations own goals: to finish the job of ending homelessness. LA is certainly the place to pilot such a program – the local equivalent of the100,000 Homes Campaign – as the city is home to a solid ten percent of the national homeless population. Thanks to the LAT for bringing us the series – and here’s hoping that the city turns around on permanent supportive housing.