Friday News Round-Up: Local Communities Tackle Homelessness

written by naehblog
July 2, 2010

On the national front, the Economist talked about the new federal plan to end homelessness, commenting on the state of homelessness today and focusing on how employment must be a major focus when considering homelessness issues.

Architectural Record had an interview with Secretary Donovan of HUD (who is a trained architect, did you know??) and the Secretary discussed the role of architectural development in creating new affordable housing.

But a lot of the news this week has been about local communities, who are tackling homelessness in their own, tailored way.

In New Hampshire, a new plan is out to stop veteran homelessness, while in Kentucky they are changing the way they assist youth aging out of the foster care system so that they can avoid experiencing homelessness.

There seem to be concerns in both San Diego and Oregon about rising homelessness.

New York’s new budget could possibly stall the creation of more low-income housing, and San Francisco had funding cut from their homeless outreach program.

However, good news is coming out of in Lufkin, TX. They have just approved funds to not only help rebuild affordable housing for those displaced by natural disaster, but they’ve also approved funds to create new low-income housing in the area.

Communities all over the nation are becoming more aware about the people in their areas who are experiencing homelessness and working to prevent and end homelessness by implementing best practices and effective strategies most appropriate to their unique communities.