Friday News Roundup: 10 great blogs about homelessness

written by naehblog
May 14, 2010

As Catherine pointed out yesterday, many in the homelessness field have been slow to embrace using social media tools. As the New Media Intern at the Alliance, this hesitance has sometimes created challenges, but it has also made for some happy surprises.

As I’ve explored the social media landscape, I’ve been impressed and inspired over and over again by the homelessness blogosphere. Advocates, policy organizations, service providers and concerned citizens are using this new medium to share stories and information, to engage supporters and investigate new ideas.

So straight from my Google Reader, here’s homelessness in headlines this week – from the blogopshere:

1) Just this week I started reading the Housing for Families blog out of Massachusetts and Healthcare for the Homeless: both are super useful and informative.

2) for those who can’t afford free speech, the blog of Portland’s street newspaper Street Roots, consistently shares a wide variety of great content. This past week, they published an interview with Liesl Wendt, CEO of 211info in the Portland area. It serves as a handy introduction to 211 services, as well as the recession’s impact on the people of Portland.

3) The Homelessness Law blog is thoughtful and timely. This week, National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty Human Rights Program Director Eric Tars shared a success story from Salt Lake City.

4) Unity of Greater New Orleans’ Signs of Life. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: read it!

5) Inforumusa is updated daily with news and analysis about homelessness in LA and across the U.S. This week, they covered the Our Faith Matters Conference, which featured an appearance by HUD Deputy Director Anthony Love. He’s talking about the federal strategic plan on homelessness – due out next week!

6)’s End Homelessness blog represents a wide range of perspectives: service providers,advocatesformerly homeless people – and us! Plus, it’s updated 2-3 times every day, so you can stay up to date.

7) Open House, the blog of the National Housing Conference, keeps us informed about affordable housing and housing issues.

8) It’s brand-new and not specifically focused on homelessness, but Off the Charts makes the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities’ complex analyses easily readable and with great infographics, easy on the eyes.

9) Assistance providers like the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida, the Road Home Utahand Calvary Services in DC use their blogs to share client stories and keep supporters up to date.

10) And then there’s the Homelessness section on the Huffington Post, which just this week included a post from Maria Foscarinis of NLCHP connecting Arizona’s new immigration law SB-1070 and homelessness. If you stay tuned, you’ll also catch posts from Invisible People, which lets people experiencing homelessness share their own stories.

This is by no means an exhaustive list! What blogs about homelessness do you read? What did am I missing?