Friday News Roundup: Cold, Youth, and Nan in the news

written by naehblog
January 8, 2010

Homelessness has been in the headlines this week as falling temperatures cause rising concern for those living on the streets. Deaths from exposure and maxed out cold weather shelters show that the need for real, permanent solutions is dire. Instead of rushing around each winter to respond to emergencies, let’s work on long-term, year-round strategies.

Speaking of permanent solutions, be sure to check out this week’s post by Alliance president Nan Roman on Inforumusa: The Last Ten Years: Looking Back at Ten Year Plans.

Check out this dialogue between service providers in the Baltimore Sun: At issue was the city’s removal of a homeless encampment under the Jones Expressway. Kevin Lindamood and Jeff Singer of Healthcare for the Homeless argue that removing the homeless from public spaces is a flawed approach, while the Diane Glauber of Baltimore Homeless Services says the move was in the interest of safety. They do seem to agree on one point: the solution is access to permanent supportive housing for all.

Both the Examiner and Huffington Post have discussed homeless youth recently. According to our 2007 data, up to 1.65 million children experience homelessness in the U.S., and that number may be on the rise. Minnestota Public Radio’s piece on the topic is some pretty powerful stuff and so are these first hand accounts from kids themselves from the Tacoma Rescue Mission in Washington State.