Friday News Roundup: Quotes on Counts and more

written by naehblog
January 29, 2010

As America counted it’s homeless population this week, the media came out to cover it. The following quotes, pulled from this year’s coverage of Point in Time counts, provide a useful summary.

(For some context, read Caroline’s post about the significance of counts and our press release about what these counts show.)

Beth McKee-Huger, executive director of the Greensboro Housing Coalition: “With the economic situation getting worse, we know that there are a lot more people losing their housing than there used to be or about to lose housing.” From the story “Homeless survey also notes who is nearly homeless” in Greensboro’s News-Record.

Robert Hess, commissioner for NYC’s Department of Homeless Services: “We know where folks are living on the street. Hopefully, they will move into their own homes as 3,000 have done so in over the last 3 years.” From Boonsri Dickinson’s comprehensive account of NYC’s HOPE count. Check out the photos too!

Michael Ferrell, chairman of the Homeless Services Committee of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments: “There is no way you can count every single person who’s homeless. We give our best representation of what the homeless population is in our area . . . from one year to another.” From the Washington Post’s piece on counts in the DC metro area. Our very own Bill Sermons and Meghan Greenwell were out counting in DC!

Jarome Watts, resident of the Salvation Army shelter in Tuscaloosa, OK: “I think there are a lot more people,” people who may live outdoors and don’t want to be counted. From the Tuscaloosa Newspiece on their Point in Time counts.

Alliance President Nan Roman: “These counts are a reminder that homelessness is a problem far from solved – and there has never been a more urgent time to address this great American tragedy. As all Americans struggle through this recession, we must not forget those most vulnerable to the instability of the economy.” From the Huffington Post.

Here are some other highlights from homelessness coverage this week:
Alliance President Nan Roman’s piece After 10 Years, Plan to End Homelessness Has Way to Go was featured on the Funders Together blog and in the Huffington Post.’s End Homelessness blog included a stellar article on the federal plan to end veteran homelessness.

And we’re excited that was talking about the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP), calling it a “a small, unheralded federal program” that “some experts believe have helped an estimated 600,000 Americans avoid homelessness.” Check out the article to find out what Nan says!