Friday News Roundup: The Big Gorilla in the Room (read: AHAR)

written by naehblog
June 18, 2010

It was a week of big news in the homeless assistance field this week…

The 9,000 lb gorilla in the room was definitely the release of the Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress. The HUD-authored study is a compilation of everything we know about homelessness in a given year. Headlining this year’s report is a) homelessness is marginally down overall but b) there are more families seeking shelter, which both we and HUD believe is an indication of the recession’s impact on homelessness.

Also making headlines this week – but probably more next week – is the long anticipated release of the Federal Strategic Plan to End Homelessness, which is due to be released in full on Tuesday, June 22. While there’s little news to be covered yet, Executive Director of the Interagency Council on Homelessness Barbara Poppe does offer a few sneak peeks.

As if that weren’t enough – and it is – let’s not forget that Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard came out with their State of the Nation’s Housing this week, which took over our attention for a couple days.

And other people are thinking about the state of affordable housing and poverty too. Just today, Stateline released an analysis about the TANF Emergency Contingency Fund, which is still being kicked around by the Senate as part of the Tax Extenders Bill. Also, the state of low-income housingseems to be floating around on the Center for American Progress (CAP) blog.

Hope you enjoy!