Grant Opportunities from our Development Team

written by naehblog
August 5, 2009

It’s pretty crazy. Just now, I’m typing up some of the usability results from the Alliance’s Annual Conference on Ending Homelessness, and I’m remembering that a handful of users suggested that we share fundraising ideas on our website.

And then, I get this email from our Development Director, Beth Roche: Here are some new grant opportunities that do not seem to be a good fit for the Alliance, but that I thought some folks might be interested in knowing more about to pass along to other nonprofits and colleagues.

Well, Beth! I’m sure there are some people who might be interested! Here you go, folks:

  • A program of Civic Ventures, the Purpose Prize annually provides five awards of $100,000 each to people over 60 who are working to address society’s biggest challenges.
  • The SEVEN (Social Equity Venture) Fund, a nonprofit organization that works to promote enterprise-based solutions to poverty, has published its second annual open Enterprise-based Solutions to Poverty Request for Proposals. The fund’s Request for Proposals is limited to research in economics, government policy, and business strategy, insofar as the research bears directly on questions in enterprise-based solutions to poverty.

Best of luck if you choose to pursue these funding sources! Thanks for all the great feedback you gave us at the conference, and we’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date if new funding ideas come along.