Here’s What You Can Expect from the Veterans Track of Our DC Conference

written by Kate Seif
July 10, 2014

Our increasingly popular National Conference on Ending Homelessness is coming up in a few weeks, and this yea, we’re including some fantastic content on addressing veteran homelessness. The veterans workshop track (see the conference agenda here) will cover a variety of topics, from working with your local VA Medical Centers, utilizing HUD-VASH, making the most of your SSVF grants, and of course, how we are going to end veteran homelessness by the end of 2015.

There are numerous initiatives taking place around veteran homelessness, including the 25 Cities initiative, the Mayors Challenge, and others. At the Conference, our workshops and discussions will focus on how you can make the most of these initiatives in your communities, but we’ll also be discussing how to move the needle on veteran homelessness even if your community isn’t involved in these initiatives.

In fact, in addition to our workshop content, we’ll be holding a BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakfast, of course) discussion around what your community should be doing to address veteran homelessness and bring the number down to zero. The discussion with Alliance and VA staff will be a casual “rap session” on some concrete steps you can take when you get home and what opportunities are coming up to take advantage of federal funds. 

As part of its commitment to the five year plan to end homelessness, VA has identified community partnerships as a key strategy to ending veteran homelessness and our conference workshops and breakfast discussion will help communities establish, strengthen, and utilize those partnerships.

This session is open to everyone attending the conference and will be a great opportunity to learn from other communities, voice concerns, and strategize about next steps. We hope to see you there!