Housing Choice Vouchers Need Your Help

written by Kate Seif
October 7, 2013

Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers help end homelessness. For millions of low-income families and individuals experiencing homelessness who would otherwise be relying on the homeless assistance system, these vouchers provide much-needed low-income housing. In a nation with a severe lack of affordable housing, they are critical. Yet they have been severely underfunded in recent years.

Sequestration in particular took a major toll on the HCV program. Just after implementation of the 5 percent across-the-board cuts in early March, Public Housing Authorities around the country began feeling the pinch. It’s likely that your community, or communities near yours, have been forced to withhold vouchers and halt the process of moving people off their already massive waiting lists.

Now we need to let Congress know that enough is enough – the Housing Choice Voucher program must receive funding increases. That’s why last week the Alliance held a webinar with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities about the importance of increased funding for the Housing Choice Voucher program and where things currently stand for the program.

You can view the slides from the webinar below, and also check out the talking points we put together to assist you in making your calls and reaching out to your congressional offices. We know that Section 8 plays a critical role in community efforts to prevent and end homelessness. With the HUD budget getting squeezed more and more, it’s time to make sure it receives sufficient funding.

As the budget issues rage on in America, we have a vital task: making sure that the budget isn’t balanced on the backs of our nation’s most vulnerable people. Once the government shutdown comes to a close, we’ll have more information on how you can get involved in these efforts. To learn more, feel free to contact me at cseif@naeh.org!