In the News: 100,000 People Now Have Homes

written by naehblog
June 16, 2014

Four years ago, when the 100,000 Homes Campaign set the audacious goal of housing 100,000 homeless people across the U.S., it was easy to question whether they could ever achieve it: 100,000 people is a lot of people. Well, in case you haven’t been reading The Washington Post, or The New York Times, or, here’s the good news: they did it.

At a press conference on Wednesday, June 11, the campaign announced that the 100,000th person housed was Army veteran Alvin Hill. That made him one of 31,171 veterans and 101,628 total people housed by the campaign at the time of the announcement.

The 100,000 Homes movement has been an exciting point of discussion among homeless advocates for several years, but lately, its achievement has garnered it frequent media attention, and deservedly so. “How 100,000 Homeless People Found a Place to Live,” over at, explains the campaign in detail. Here’s a look.

What is the 100,000 Homes Campaign?

100,000 Homes is a movement of communities coordinated by Community Solutions that targets its efforts at helping the most vulnerable populations first, people who are experiencing chronic homelessness or suffering from severe medical conditions.

It doesn’t directly place homeless people into housing. Rather, it works with communities and interested stakeholders, including state and national organizations like the Veterans Administration, to show them how to collaborate and combine their resources so they can house people more effectively.

Although the campaign has reached its primary goal of housing 100,000 people, its success can be measured in other ways, too. Here are a few of the other the lasting effects noted:

  • 85 percent – the percentage of people housed by the campaign who were still off the streets within a year.
  • 57 communities – the number of communities on schedule to end chronic homelessness in the next three years.
  • $1.3 billion – the amount of money that housing 100,000 people will save taxpayers.

What’s next for the campaign?

With this milestone reached, the 100,000 Homes Campaign is moving forward with new goals. In the “25 Cities Initiative,” the campaign will work to decrease the number of homeless veterans in the 25 cities with the highest number of them. In “Zero:16”, the campaign will work with 50 communities to bring chronic and veteran homelessness to zero by 2016.

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