Join the Never Another Homeless Veteran Campaign!

written by Emanuel Cavallaro
November 7, 2013

Did you know that on any given night, 62,619 U.S. veterans are homeless? Veterans make up 7 percent of the general population, but they make up almost 10 percent of the entire homeless population, and they make up a disproportionate percentage of those who are chronically homeless (people who spend years on the streets because of physical disability, mental illness, or addiction).

That's why the Alliance has partnered with The Home Depot Foundation for The Never Another Homeless Veteran education campaign. It's a two-year effort by the Alliance and its partners to build and leverage public support to end veteran homelessness. If you're friends with a veteran, if you have a veteran in your family, if you're a veteran yourself, or if you care about ending veteran homelessness (and honestly, who doesn't fall into at least one of those categories?) you can join the thousands who have already signed on to the campaign by adding your name to the Never Another Homeless Veteran statement here.

Veterans face unique obstacles in finding stable, safe housing. Skills learned in the military don’t always translate to the civilian workplace. And combat-related injuries or mental-health conditions can make finding and keeping employment and housing difficult. Veterans also face the same challenges as the rest of Americans: a shortage of affordable housing and stubbornly high unemployment. Still, 62,619 homeless veterans is 17 percent fewer homeless veterans than in 2009.

In 2009 Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki  and President Obama set a goal of ending veteran homelessness by 2015. In the years since, they put together a full range of housing and service interventions to support vulnerable veterans. The end is within sight, and we're going to get there, but we need your help. In order to build on our progress, our elected officials and service providers need to see and hear the overwhelming support from Americans for programs that  help homeless veterans and their families.

Ending veteran homelessness is one battle in the larger fight to end homelessness. If we can end homelessness for veterans, we will show that we can end homelessness for all homeless people. Will you sign this public statement calling for the resources and political will to end veteran homelessness?

Yes, I’ll sign the Never Another Homeless Veteran statement.