written by naehblog
September 22, 2010
Seriously, this is your LAST CHANCE.

We’ve been beating the issue – we know – but TANF Emergency Contingency Fund (TANF ECF) will expire in 8 days. And there’s just no time to dawdle!

Urge Congress to save TANF ECF by calling your senator now.

  • Call your senators and ask to speak to the person who works on welfare issues. Don’t know the number? Call the congressional switchboard to find out: 202-224-3121.
  • When the staffer who works on welfare issues picks up, ask him or her to urge their boss (read: the senator) to call Senate leaders and tell them that they support extending TANF ECF.
  • If you can, report back! We want to hear what happened – what they said, what they promised, if they had any objections. Learning about your efforts can help us make a more concerted try with ours. Call (202-942-2856), email, or drop us a note here or on Facebook.

Remember: The ECF was created as part of the Recovery Act, intended to help states support the increasing number of people receiving TANF due to the recession. Since it passed, the program has:

  • provided cash assistance to low-income families;
  • provided short-term rent assistance to families experiencing a housing crisis; and
  • created 250,000 subsidized employment opportunities nationally, many of which will end on September 30 if Congress does not act to extend the funding.

For more information, check out a great piece from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. You can also see a state by state breakdown of TANF dollars here.