McKinney-Vento Appropriations campaign results!

written by naehblog
March 2, 2010
To all our McKinney Appropriations Campaign participants!

Wow, you are IMPRESSIVE! The letter writing campaign, which ended yesterday, was an enormous success – better than we even imagined! Almost 1,200 letters from all over the country have been sent to Congressional offices.

We’ve already gotten positive responses from multiple Congressional offices that said they will take action to support $2.4 billion for McKinney.

What does that mean? It means you have already had a direct impact on increasing funding for preventing and ending homelessness.

Though everyone has worked really hard on this Campaign, we want to highlight some individuals for their exceptional commitment. The people who forwarded us copies of the MOST letters were:

• Rayme Nuckles, President, Florida Coalition for the Homeless – 274 letters
• Stephen Piasecki, Supportive Housing Network of New York – 137 letters
• Alison Eisinger, Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness (WA) – 110 letters
• Leah Bradley, Home Again Project, Worcester, MA – 71 letters

In addition to these folks, the individuals below sent the most letters to their Members of Congress. They deserve extra recognition for all of the hard work they put into the Campaign.

• Flo Beauman, Catholic Community Services (WA) – 222 letters
• Lindsey Bishop, Corporation for Supportive Housing (MI) – 68 letters
• Kate Kelly, Partnership for Strong Communities (CT) – 67 letters
• Maine advocates from several communities working together (ME) – 35 letters
• BriAnne McKee, Grand Rapids Area Coalition to End Homelessness (MI) – 28 letters
• Charlie Corrigan, Building Changes (WA) – 24 letters

Everyone should be so proud of themselves!

We really can’t say it enough: this effort DOES make the difference. Our representatives need to keep hearing from YOU – their constituents who sent them to Congress make hard decisions and do good work. Your direct calls, emails, and requests for support demonstrate our need for their leadership and action.

We’re going to have an opportunity for you to follow-up your great work with calls to your House offices (Senate side will come later) so stay tuned if you want to stay involved!

Congratulations to you all , and – as always – thanks for all your help!

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