McKinney Vento Campaign Update: 5 ways you can help increase federal funding for services to the hom

written by naehblog
February 4, 2010

This month – Februrary 2010 – Congress will decide how to spend federal dollars. In the next few weeks, they’re making the tough calls: how much to spend on education, defense, infrastructure, energy…

This month, we’re pulling out all the social media stops to ensure Congress makes services to homeless people a federal priority. It’s up to us – up to YOU, actually – to make sure that they don’t forget about the people without political clout or interest groups to lobby on their behalf.

Here’s how you can get involved:

1.Sign our petition: it’s quick, easy and painless.

2. Visit our McKinney-Kinney Appropriations campaign website to learn more about the issue. Not only do we have this cool interactive tool that anticipates possible funding scenarios and a downloadable webinar chock-full of information, you can also check out this video resource, featuring Alliance Vice-President Steve Berg. He explains the changes that May 2009′s HEARTH Act made to the McKinney Vento program, and it’s those changes that will require more funding.

3. Write a letter to your member of Congress. This sample letter is a start, but the more you include about your community, the better. We’re focusing on letters because letters make a difference: last year, Washington State’s letters convinced Senator Murray (Chair of the Subcommittee that funds HUD) to increase the Senate’s McKinney appropriation in the FINAL stages of the HUD appropriations bill. Send us a copy, too, to

3. After you’ve told us about your letter, tell the world on our Facebook event pageShare with your friends!

4. Email Sarah Kahn, the Alliance’s Director of Field Mobilization(, to get more involved. We’re keeping a close eye on the budget process, and we’ll send you regular updates as things progress.

5. Do it now! We’re pushing hard to get as many letters as possible to Congress by February 22.