Meet the New Guys

written by naehblog
August 10, 2010

For the next two weeks – starting on Monday, August 16 – we’ll be seeing new faces and hearing new voices on the Alliance social networks as staff and interns alike take their intrepid first steps into the Twitterverse, blogosphere, and whatever we’re calling Facebook.

Marisa Seitz is already a familiar face and regular contributor on the Alliance blog. She’s largely  responsible for the aesthetic qualities of the new look of the blog and images around the Alliance’s first-ever photo contest. Make her happy and get those photos in!

You’ve probably also heard from Grace Stubee, a returning intern here at the Alliance. She’s hard at work on theadvocacy team, helping our hardworking supporters to get their message to their elected officials. Grace will serve as the point person for our photo contest – she can answer all your questions!

From our policy shop, we have Kate Seif, one of the newest full-time Alliance staffers and new assistant to the president. As Nan’s assistant, she triages all the requests, invitations, projects, and papers that Nan receives and handles Nan’s calendar. In addition, she’s a critical element of our policy staff, often serving as point or coordinator on our larger policy publications, including the Policy Guide and upcoming Advocacy Toolkit. She’s also really into vlogging, so look out for videos featuring Kate!

And finally, we have Anna Blasco, social media extraordinaire. Anna is on our admin team and has a strong proficiency – and great enthusiasm – for social networking. You’ll definitely be hearing from her on Twitter, Facebook, and whatever else turns out to be the network-of-the-moment.

Please welcome our newest additions to the Alliance social networks with thoughtful comments, insightful questions, and lots and lots of submissions to our photo contest! We look forward to hearing from you!