Meet the Summer Interns!

written by naehblog
June 21, 2010

After a week of reports and federal policy – and more to come, undoubtedly! – we thought we’d share a lighter side of the Alliance! Marisa (see below!) went around to chat up our summer interns and find out what brought them to the Alliance.

Here at the Alliance, we have recently had a number of new interns join us on our mission, and now we would like to introduce them all to you!

Mindy Mitchell

Mindy has just completed her first year at CUNY, where she is working on her law degree. She used to be a case worker in Mobile, Alabama, which she says is the reason why she wanted to pursue her law degree, because as she says, “Kids should not be homeless.” It is also one of the reasons why she wanted to work here at the Alliance. Mindy says she wants to work on a structural level to change why families become homeless. While here, she is researching house states and helping get the word out to people in government about extending TANF ECF, part of HR 4213. She is also a bibliophile!

Stephanie Wege

Stephanie is a recent graduate of Cornell University, where she minored in inequality studies, an area that affects a lot of people experiencing homelessness. Stephanie has been looking for full time employment, and believes that this internship at the Alliance will give her an edge in the workplace. She was drawn to the Alliance because, as she says, it deals with a comprehensive approach to many of the things people experiencing homelessness deal with, such as health care, education and employment. Stephanie is a Capacity intern, who will be helping with web based training materials, HPRP case management, and a HPRP provider survey. She also has an identical twin sister!


Sumeet Singh

Sumeet is a rising Junior at Birmigham-Southern College. Last summer he worked for a congressmen in Alabama, and for Conservation Alabama, where he learned about grassroots movements at the state level. His next logical step was to see how things work at a national level, which is why he is here at the Alliance! Sumeet says he is really enjoying seeing how grassroots movements work through different organizations, all the way up through government, and begin to have actual effects. He is a Federal Advocacy intern, and at the moment is mostly working the upcoming Capital Hill Day. He also gets his lunch every day from CVS!

Marisa Seitz


And last but not least, me! My name is Marisa and I’m the new Social Media intern here at NAEH. I am a military brat who attends James Madison University during the year, enjoys traveling around the world with her family and loves dresses. I am very excited to be working here at NAEH. Although I have not had a lot of experience with homelessness before, I knew I would be working on a great cause here. As far as social media goes, being plugged in is hardly an option anymore if one wants to stay informed, but I am fascinated with the new ways social media can be used to create communities, and the way that mobile online communities can intertwine and begin to affect real change. I hope in my time here I can learn more about the fight against homelessness, but also to help strengthen and expand the community of people who care about ending homelessness.