MSNBC Covers Youth Homelessness

written by Emanuel Cavallaro
January 29, 2013

As volunteers across the country take part in their communies' Point-In-Time Counts, braving lousy weather and chilly temperatures, walking streets well after midnight in an effort to find and count unsheltered persons experiencing homelessness, the media has taken notice. This week and last week articles about local counts have been popping up in newspapers all over the country, and recently, the Alliance President and CEO Nan Roman spoke with Nevada Public Radio about homelessness and the PIT Count in Las Vegas. You can listen to that intruging and informative discussion here.

Also, one of the Alliance's guest bloggers, Jimmy Ramirez, a formerly homeless youth appeared on MSNBC, when the Melissa Harris-Perry show did a segment on youth homelessness. You can watch the segment embedded below, and you can read Jimmy's moving blog post about his experience as a homeless youth here: Going from Homeless to Advocate. Also, here in DC some staff at the Alliance will be participating in the PIT Count, which is scheduled for Thursday. So you can expect a blog post on Friday about the experience.

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