Need funding to help veterans? Check this out.

written by Ian Lisman
November 5, 2012

As we notified our networks last week, there is an amazing opportunity going on right now. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has put out a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA).

This NOFA is for $300 million for the 2013 Supportive Service for Veteran Families (SSVF) grant, over half of which will go to organizations that have not had this grant before.

The name of the grant program is a little confusing: a more accurate name might be the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) for veterans, because that’s basically what it’s for: rapid re-housing and prevention for veterans.

There are some misconceptions about this program. The name has led some people to think that it’s for families and services only. However, you can serve single individuals with this grant as well as families, as the grant defines “family” as a veteran or a veteran and their family.

And the “supportive services” can be short-term rental subsidies, assistance with other household bills, case management, and in this iteration, funding for emergency housing and a wide range of items under the “General Housing Stability Assistance” category.

Grant applications must be received no later than February 1, 2013. I recommend getting your application in early.

Stay tuned folks! We plan to cover this grant and hold a Q&A with VA officials in a webinar next month that will help you in your application process.

In the meantime, details about the grant and application process, including submission information and deadlines, can be found in the NOFA and on the VA website.