Nominate a person or organization for the 2017 Innovation and Excellence Awards

written by Michelle Fantone
April 24, 2017

One of our main goals at the Alliance is to educate opinion leaders on the best and most effective ways to end homelessness. We educate through our large conferences, extensive webinar series, informational meetings with government leaders, and publications. But, one of my favorite ways we educate is through celebration. And that is why our Awards Ceremony is so important.

Every year, the Alliance hosts an Annual Awards Ceremony here in Washington, DC. This event has two main goals: to recognize the excellent work being done to end homelessness and spread the lessons our awardees teach us to the rest of the homelessness field.

In recent years, we’ve recognized the excellent work of communities across the country, from Mercer County, NJ to the City of Houston, TX. We have awarded organizations like St. Joseph’s Villa in Richmond, VA, and Swords to Plowshares in San Francisco. And we’ve honored the individual leadership of program directors, elected officials, and private sector champions.

This year, the Alliance is changing the way we choose awardees. We are letting the public nominate! We are asking communities to nominate people and programs who are displaying creativity in the field and exceptional outcomes in ending homelessness. So nominate an individual or program for the 2017 Innovation and Excellence Awards.

Why innovation?

Communities are testing new programs and developing new tools to help end homelessness for individual and families who find themselves without a safe and secure place to call home. And innovation leads to results. Rapid re-housing was once a new concept, developed and implemented in only a few communities across the country. But these communities saw improvements and knew they had an approach that could make a real impact in the lives of homeless individuals and change the homelessness field. Over a decade later, rapid re-housing is now a federally funded approach and is a central solution for ending homelessness. This would not be possible without the innovative efforts of a few programs who knew that they could do better.

What about excellence?

Just as important as innovation is building trusted programs. Organizations that are running programs of the highest quality are seeing real results, increasing the number of individuals and families housed and decreasing returns to homelessness. They not only deserve our applause but have lessons to share that can benefit other communities.

If you know of a program or individual that should be recognized, please nominate them for this award. More information on the awards and nomination forms can be found here.

Deadline to nominate is Friday May 5th. We can’t wait to see who you submit!