Rate the Alliance on Great NonProfits!

written by naehblog
December 2, 2009


My Name is Elizabeth Doherty and I am the Admin + Development Associate at the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

I would like to tell you about one of our recent and very exciting development ventures! The Alliance has partnered with Great NonProfits on their 2009 Food and Shelter Awards Campaign. What that means is for the month of December, Great NonProfits is featuring Food & Shelter nonprofits (like us!) and asking YOU to share your experiences and rate the organizations.

Have you ever attended an Alliance conference? Received a scholarship or technical assistance from the Alliance? Donated to support our work? If you answered yes to any of those questions or others, we want to hear from you! Tell us what you think and rate the Alliance on Great NonProfits.

I also invite you to share your experience with local, state or national organizations that do great work but might not get the attention they deserve. This campaign is all about highlighting the great work that organizations in our field do to fight homelessness and hunger.

A little background info on Great NonProfits: It’s kind of likeGuideStar meets Yelp. They’re looking to provide information about charities and nonprofits from the point of view of consumers, volunteers and donors – that is, they want YOU to rate charities based on your experiences with them.

Other cool features include:

  • Ability to register for your own account that tracks your nonprofits and reviews
  • a NonProfit Finder that filters by location or keyword
  • a Needs and Offers section for charities and individuals

So as the holiday season is upon us, please take a moment to make sure the Alliance and your other favorite nonprofit organizations get the limelight they deserve and participate in the 2009 Food and Shelter Awards Campaign!

Many thanks,