Send a Letter to Your Member of Congress TODAY!

written by Julie Klein
March 20, 2014

It’s that time of year again. Not just a seasonal transition into spring - appropriations season has also begun! And it is critical to get involved in the process early to ensure that homeless assistance programs aren’t lost in the shuffle of federal programs vying for Congress's attention this appropriations cycle. We have a great opportunity for you to get involved NOW!

Avid blog readers and advocates will know that we’ve launched a Letter Writing Campaign to urge members of Congress to submit Programmatic Requests to their colleagues on the House and Senate Appropriations Committees to fund the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Grants program at the amount the Administration proposed - $2.405 billion – in FY 2015.

We set a goal to send at least 500 letters to members of Congress by March 31. Making a collective effort to send these letters at the same time will strengthen our voice in the conversation and allow us to have maximum impact. However, right now we are aware of just 64 letters that have been sent. With only 11 days left, we have a long way to go to reach our goal, so we really need YOUR help in this collaborative effort to get us across the finish line!

ANYONE can send a letter, and we are making this as simple as possible for you by providing a sample letter that you can modify to personalize before sending to your members of Congress.

Once you have modified your letters, send them to the person in each of your members’ offices who handles housing issues (I am glad to help you find out who they are!). Then, e-mail Alliance Policy Outreach Coordinator Kate Seif at or me at to let us know how many letters you sent so we can track our progress toward reaching our goal. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you to report back to us how many letters you sent and to whom.

Each letter sent is extremely helpful! Please also help us spread the word about this by sending around this sample action alert, along with the sample letter, to your e-mail networks asking them to send letters to their members of Congress too. Our visual tracker on this page will be updated to reflect our progress, so be sure to check back if you’re interested.

Don’t miss this critical opportunity to impact the policymaking process! Sending at least (and hopefully many more than) 500 letters from advocates across the country in the next 11 days will be a very powerful way of sending the message to members of Congress that increased funding for homeless assistance programs NEEDS to be a priority.

Members of Congress are now in the process of determining 302b allocations (how much each Appropriations Subcommittee will receive). Once this is finalized, members on the Appropriation Committee will quickly begin to draft their FY 2015 appropriations bills, so sending these letters right at the get-go of the process will be quite impactful. (Plus, our Letter Writing Campaign happens to end on my birthday, so reaching our goal would be a truly fantastic gift from you all!) 

We acknowledge and really appreciate all of the hard work that goes into these advocacy efforts. We are confident that we can exceed our letter-writing goal to kick off our FY 2015 McKinney Campaign with a strong push. 

NOW is the time to take action on this, so join our letter-writing campaign by taking a few minutes to send a letter to your member of Congress today!