Send us your data! (Please)

written by Sam Batko
May 14, 2013

Two weeks ago, every continuum of care was required to submit their point in time count to HUD, but they aren’t the only people who want it. The Homelessness Research Institute wants your data too. We use data from the point in time counts to evaluate what is happening in communities across the country.

When there are reductions, we look for what a community may be doing differently that has impacted their success in ending homelessness. Once we dive in deeper, we may use an exemplar program or community at our conferences and on our website, like we did with Fairfax County, VA. This could be you!

Even if your community hasn’t decreased homelessness, we still track all reported increases and decreases on an interactive map on our website. As of the posting of this blog, 17 out of 30 communities have reported a decrease in homelessness. If you click on a particular location, you can find the original source of the data.

If you’d like to have your community featured on our map, email a link to your count or a media clip that discusses your count to