Sharing moments and ending homelessness

written by naehblog
September 7, 2010

Hi everyone!

This morning, I was listening to an NPR podcast about our reliance on our digital devices. It’s the same song that’s become quite popular in the last few years – about our growing addiction to gadgets, our constant attachment to a never-ending stream of information and social networks, our world’s increasing speed and transience.

In a world of such haste, it takes discipline to slow down and take note of moments.

But this is exactly what we – with your help – are trying to accomplish with our photo contest.

I spent part of my Labor Day holiday checking out the photos people have submitted for the Alliance contest thus far. There are pictures of children, of faces, of buildings, and keys. There are pictures of families and houses and landscapes.

And in between the separate elements of the pictures – the people, the backdrop, the light – there is the moment. Somewhere in the picture a person who was once experiencing homelessness found housing. Somewhere in the picture a family resumed their lives in a stable, permanent home. Somewhere in the picture, homelessness was ended.

And while moments in this digital age zip by with hardly a status update, these are the moments that linger and define us. These are the moments that when, added up, push us towards a better reality, a richer community, a time when all people will have a safe and permanent place to call home.

For our photo contest, we’re asking you to capture these moments as they occur in your lives. So many people have already submitted their moments – but I know that there are countless more to be shared by our community of colleagues and supporters who work tirelessly everyday to end homelessness.

While we are offering prizes (see our photo contest rules), we also know that there’s an equally important end here. This is our opportunity to show that, if we’re able to slow down and take notice, we could see that homelessness is a problem with a clear and definitive solution – housing.

Thanks again for all your help in sharing that solution with the world. Can’t wait to see more of those photos.