Some New Faces at The Alliance

written by Emanuel Cavallaro
July 3, 2012

The Alliance recently welcomed two new members to its Washington, DC, office. Both hail from the Midwest and are heading up Alliance’s communications team. As such, they will be playing integral roles in determining Alliance messaging, online media presence and fund development activities. You will likely run into them at the 2012 National Conference on Ending Homelessness, so be sure to say ‘Hi!' Here’s a little introduction to them, in their own words.

Jeni Gamble, Director of Development and Communications: I am originally from Louisville, KY and have always had a passion for nonprofit work and housing advocacy. After graduating from the University of Kentucky (Go Big Blue! 2012 NCAA Champs!), I started working for a domestic violence/sexual assault emergency shelter facility, and never really looked back. At the Alliance, I am excited to step into a new role and oversee our development and communication activities. Messaging and supporter engagement are key components to our mission in ending homelessness, and lucky for me, I love doing them! Close to fifteen years later, I continue to work for safe and affordable housing and count those memories of helping someone move into their own permanent housing as some of the most important in my career. In my free time I run, cook, and will start training for my sixth marathon next week!  I love living and working in DC and, since I’m a bit of a southerner and used to the heat, it felt like home as soon as I arrived!

Emanuel Cavallaro, Communications Associate: My background is in print journalism. In my years as a reporter in Ohio, I engaged in the typical breaking news and metro coverage that is the standard fare of most newspaper reporters, but I made sure to sneak in a little advocacy journalism whenever I could on issues that spoke to me on a personal level, covering things like services for migrant workers and the War on Drugs. As a teenager I briefly experienced homelessness, and that experience was a formative one. So it is perhaps no surprise that my first article ever published was about people experiencing homelessness in my hometown of Dayton, Ohio. I am very excited about my new position with the Alliance. I am relishing this opportunity to continue the work I started with that first article, in the company of a bunch of really smart people who know about as much about this issue as there is to know.