Some songs about homelessness

written by Emanuel Cavallaro
August 3, 2012

Here at the Alliance we have a lot of multimedia sent to us all the time – music, films, artwork – all of it in support of our mission of ending homelessness. It’s heartening to us that people feel strongly enough about the issue of homelessness to make it the subject of their art, and that they have a high enough opinion of our organization to want to share it with us.

So now we’d like to share with you a few items that have recently come to our attention: two videos and a song.

The first was brought to us by John McGah, a presenter at our July conference who has also written guest pieces for the blog you’re reading right now. He directs the Give US Your Poor initiative and is a Senior Associate at the National Center on Family Homelessness.

This is the music video for the song “Poorhouse” by Great American Taxi.

You can see Vince Herman, singer-songwriter of Great American Taxi, talk about his own brush with homelessness here.

The second song is called “Housing First.” It’s hard to imagine someone taking a concept like housing-first and turning it into a catchy, slickly produced folk-rock song, but that’s exactly what singer-songwriter Daniel Paul Nelson did.

Click here to listen to it on Soundcloud.