SSVF Funding: Act Now

written by Ian Lisman
January 7, 2013

There's still funding out there, folks! And there's a great need. Just take a look at this graph, which shows the amount of funding that should be available in 2013 for Texas, New York, Florida and California under the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF ) grant program, based on the number of veterans experiencing homelessness in 2010. Compare that to the total amount of SSVF funding each state received in 2012 (in blue). This year states will need increased funding to meet the needs of veterans and their families. Thankfully there's still time for them to get it! On the first of February, the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for $300 million for the SSVF grant will close. So if you're looking for funding, apply now.

To illustrate the need on a state by state basis, we took the total of SSFF funding and divided it by the number of veterans, breaking it out state by state. VA is encouraging new organizations to apply for this grant, including those who have not served veterans and their families in the past. To see the shortfall in your state, check out our comprehensive state-by-state breakdown. You'll find that a lot of states could use a significant portion of this funding to bring down the number of veterans and their families who are experiencing homelessness.