SSVF Grantees – Here’s where to find the info you need

written by Ian Lisman
September 5, 2013

For those of you who work in the homeless assistance field and are helping veterans, the latest and greatest program is the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF). This is a rapid re-housing and prevention program is targeted towards veterans and veteran families. The bottom line is that SSVF works: almost 90 percent of participants of the program exit to permanent housing, and more than half of them are high need and extremely economically disadvantaged.

The recent program award almost tripled the number of grantees operating this program and the Alliance has been receiving a lot of questions from grantees about the program. The main repository for most of the information can be found at the SSVF main page on the VA website. This website has a lot of great information on it, but may be a little hard to navigate. So here’s a quick breakdown about what information is available, and where to find it.

Right now, the go-to guide for new and existing is the SSVF Grantee Resources Page, where you will find a ton of information about what grantees can and can’t do, program design, working with other programs, and more. Here you will find:

  • The Program Guide, which is a bulky document that covers just about every requirement of the grant: performance, outreach, case management, reporting, etc.
  • The Practice Standards guide, which essentially breaks down the Program Guide into manageable elements for program implementation.
  • The FAQ section, which can be really helpful if you’re having trouble finding the answer for a specific question.
  • The toolkit for SSVF grantee coordination, which you can find below the list of resources, covers the steps you need to take to coordinate with other SSVF programs in your region.
  • A list of SSVF grantees that can be very beneficial, particularly to new grantees looking for guidance from a more experienced grantee. Remember, we are all in this together. We all share the goal of ending veteran homelessness by 2015 and no individual grantee can do it alone.

Finally, don’t hesitate to reach out to the SSVF office. They want you to succeed and will help guide you through the process. They can assist you with program design and answer your questions. You can reach them by email at or by phone at 1-877-737-0111.

The Alliance is also here to help you. I can be reached at or my desk at 202-942-8257. We have advocated for this program and we want you to use this resource appropriately and be part of the solution to ending veteran homelessness.