Stay Involved! Next Steps for the McKinney Appropriations campaign!

written by naehblog
March 3, 2010

So – after all that McKinney madness, you thinking you want to stay involved? Keep fighting the good fight to eliminate homelessness in our country? Do the right thing?? (I know you do!)

Perfect timing: Yesterday, Representatives Moore (D-WI) and Davis (R-KY) began circulating aMcKinney Appropriations Congressional Sign-on Letter in the House.

So next, we’re going to start targeting House offices (the Senate side will come later).

Below are some things YOU can do to keep up the great progress we’ve been making!

Action Needed:

  1. Contact the housing staff person in the offices of your House members. DO IT THIS WEEK. We’ve drafted some TALKING POINTS that you can use when talking to that staffer.
  2. Goal: Get that housing staffer to ask his/her boss to:
  3. Ask when you can follow up with him/her.
  4. Report back on your progress! Contact Amanda ( or Sarah ( to share your results. We’ll keep track of the calls – just like we did the McKinney letters – and report back to YOU on our collective efforts

We can’t say it enough – your work makes the difference! Nothing moves offices more than real, actual constituents calling in to voice an opinion – and your voice matters.

If should you encounter questions or concerns or any other stumbling blocks, don’t hesitate to give us a shout (Amanda or Sarah or me @

And keep up the good work!