Support the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Programs!

written by naehblog
April 28, 2011

Today, we’re proud and excited to launch our FY 2012 McKinney-Vento Campaign!

The McKinney Vento programs may have received a small increase in the fiscal year (FY) 2011 budget, but this small increase is simply not enough – especially in a time when so many Americans are still struggling to get back on their financial feet.

What: McKinney-Vento FY 2012 Campaign
When: Starting Today!
Where: In your community
How: Check out the campaign web page and start contacting your members of Congress!

Why: The McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance programs are the federal government’s largest investment and homeless assistance.

In 2009, Congress passed theHEARTH Act. The HEARTH Act will update and streamline the McKinney-Vento programs and makes them much better, focusing on prevention, rapid re-housing, and all the other strategies that we know end homelessness. We need a one-time big boost in funding to implement the changes.

We didn’t get that big boost in FY 2011 – we have to get it in FY 2012. We are asking Congress to fund McKinney-Vento programs at $2.4 billion in FY 2012.

If need more information, you’re interested in getting involved, or decide to contact your Members of Congress, just shoot us a quick email to let us know!