The Alliance is Experiencing Technical Difficulties

written by Emanuel Cavallaro
November 16, 2012

Attention Alliance partners, friends and neighbors (and anyone else who might be wondering why Alliance staff haven't been returning emails or phone calls). The Alliance is currently experiencing technical difficulties.

Unfortunately, sometime Wednesday evening some very important lines in the building where are DC offices are located were severed by a construction crew. This left everyone in the building without phone service or access to the internet. Yesterday afternoon, our phone service was restored, but we still do not have access to the internet (that's why I'm writing this in a crowded Starbucks on K Street), and we still cannot receive external emails.

We expect internet service to be restored by Wednesday, Nov. 21.  In the the meantime, however, we can be reached by phone at 202-638-1526. We appreciate your patience as  we work to resolve this matter.