The Alliance’s Annual Report Is Out!

written by naehblog
June 30, 2010


So – apologies in advance. With the release of our 2009 Annual Report (AR), we’re going to take a moment to tell you about the awesome stuff that the Alliance has done (and is doing!).

To skip all this and just check out the report, find it on ourwebsite.

So, to begin – the Annual Report is a summary of Alliance activities, projects, and achievements over the course of a year. We highlight some our greatest triumphs, describe the work of the different departments, and outline our financial reports.

In sum, it’s the Alliance – in a colorful, shiny snapshot (see right).

A few highlights:

I’m sure it comes as no shock that the Homelessness Countsreport, which shows changes in homelessness from 2005 to 2007, was featured prominently in the AR. The Counts report is accompanied by a cool web-based interactive map, which illustrates the report’s finding at a state level. It’s consistently the most visited page on the website and a continuing source of attention from media, colleagues, and advocates – it’s also a great example of the innovative work of the Homelessness Research Institute, the research and education arm of the Alliance.

Also included in the Annual Report is information about the major legislation that was passed in the last year, including the HEARTH Act and the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP). HPRP and HEARTH are not only great tools for homeless assistance advocates and direct service providers but they can help fundamentally change the way we approach homelessness – moving from managed care to a framework that promotes ending homelessness. The Alliance is proud to have been an important part in both passing the pieces of legislation and in helping communities utilize these new programs effectively and efficiently.

And that’s the work of the Alliance’s Center for Capacity Building – helping communities on-the-ground. This year, the Center assisted 48 communities in 19 states implement best practices and launched a virtual discussion series giving community leaders a way to share their experiences and connect with each other.

There is a special mention of the Alliance’s Leadership Council (LC). The LC includes leaders in the homelessness assistance field from 13 communities – including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and D.C. – and represents 14 percent of the national homeless population. The Council comes together to share information from their respective cities and is currently engaged in a review of HPRP implementation.

Check it out for yourself! Read the Alliance’s Annual Report, and let us know what you think!