The President: Healthcare and the Homeless

written by naehblog
September 9, 2009

President Barack Obama just finished his address to a joint session of Congress about health care reform. The raging debate over this monstrous social issue has been the cause of many an editorial, many a pundit’s diatribe, and much distress and concern among the American public.

Tonight, the President reminded us about “the things that truly matter” and the importance of approaching our biggest challenges. He reminded us that we not only have a personal responsibility to take care of ourselves, but a moral and civic responsibility to look after those least among us. He reminded us that we can and must take on the hard challenges that confront us as a nation to make us, collectively, a healthier, more whole community. The President urged us to put aside our difference and focus on the common values and priorities that bring us together.

We know that the President could not be more right – and we support and applaud the President in his efforts to provide necessary services to the American people, and to make sure that those who are most in need also have access to critical care.

As I listened to the President discuss his priorities and agenda tonight, I could only be reminded (though perhaps because I’m surrounded by it day-after-day!) of those who really are the least among us. Not the middle class families or the post-college graduates – though their needs are equally important – but of the people who in desperate and dire need for medical attention. Those people who’s very livelihoods depend on access to care.

I know the President is right in his belief in the American people. And I certainly believe we have the courage and the fortitude to do the right thing!