written by naehblog
July 1, 2009
Hi all!

Welcome to the National Alliance to End Homelessness blog!

Today is July 1 – what we are hoping is an auspicious day to start the blog.

Turns out, July 1 is also the day that:

So the outlook looks mixed, but I’m hoping that like the Walkman, the blog will have a nice long reign and a secured place in American pop culture. (And who doesn’t love O Canada??)

So what are we talking about?

We’re talking about homelessness.

This blog will go over some broad themes of homelessness – the different populations, federal legislation, data and reports, etc. But along the way, we’ll talk about related, if tangential bits: specific demographics, new information, the relationship between homelessness and poverty, different advocacy groups and agencies…it’ll be a mash-up of good info.

And if you have any questions or requests for posts on particular subjects, don’t hesitate to comment or shoot me an email.

I really, really hope you like it.