We're online: Thoughts from a luddite-in-disguise

written by naehblog
February 23, 2011

So Anna and I just got off a webinar about the new Facebook pages offered by Andrew Cohen, managing editor at Forum One(Disclaimer: Forum One is our internet strategy/website development/all things geeky consultant. But they do offer some good notes about Facebook for new users!).

Yesterday, Anna sat in on a call hosted by Network for Good on ways to improve web writing and compose better micro-content for social networks (specifically, fundraising on social networks).

And just this morning, I got a call from an eager outreach officer asking me to embed some video on our social networks to support a homelessness radio marathonstreaming live from Kansas City, MO.

And so I find myself again at that juncture between social change and social media.

At the Alliance, we continue our struggle to find the right balance between traditional and social media outreach. We work hard to assess and re-assess the value and return of our Facebook page, ourTwitter account, our blog. And based on the community online, based on the emails I receive, and based on the chatter around the office, I know that we’re not the only ones to struggle with these not-really-new-anymore mediums.

Me – I’m a luddite-in-disguise (and it’s not a great disguise either). As much as I like the new and shiny tools online, I’d really rather not have to learn a whole new thing – especially if it’s going to take more than two minutes.

But here’s what keeps me tweeting away: the way people consume information has fundamentally changed (just ask the print industry). And while some people may cling to the newspapers and weeklies, they’re hardly in the majority anymore. News breaks on blogs, announcements happen online, and when I want a brief overview of what’s happened overnight, I pull up my Twitter feed – not the New York Times.

And as an organization dedicated to informing the field of homelessness, it’s our responsibility to reach people where they are.

That’s just the view from here. What conversations are you having in the office about social media and online outreach?

Image courtesy of Matt Haughey.