Youth Homelessness: This Year We Learn More

written by Sam Batko
January 4, 2013

It's January and that means that communities across the country are preparing for their HUD mandated Point-In-Time Counts, which they will be performing at the end of this month. This year the homeless assistance field will take an important step toward ending youth homelessness by 2020 - one of the four major goals of Opening Doors – by collecting more accurate data on the population of youth experiencing homelessness.

Recently, the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) completed a series of webinars focused on showing a number of communities how to collect more detailed and accurate data on homeless youth during their counts. Though targeted at specific communities – Boston, Houston, and Los Angeles – the webinars provide information that should be useful for training volunteers, picking locations to survey, and finalizing survey questions in a wide range of communities.

The webinars included information on outreach and sampling methods; training youth as volunteers; and coordinating data between street counts, programs, and schools. Getting a more accurate count this year means we will be able to target more accurately services and interventions at this historically underserved population.

Embedded below is the first webinar in the series, “Introduction to Youth Count! Initiative,” which covers the purpose of the Youth Count! initiative and its main features.

Below that is, “It’s a Data Driven World,” a webinar that provides guidance on how youth providers, advocates, and others can partner with Continuums of Care to ensure a successful youth-inclusive count.

You can find the entire series on USICH’s website.

Youth Count! Informational Webinar

It’s a Data Driven World: Making the Most of the 2013 Youth-Inclusive PIT Count