Ending Veteran Homelessness Resources

October 19, 2015 This page is a collection of resources, tool kits, blog posts and more that can help your community reach its goal of housing its homeless veterans.

Data Snapshot: Recent Rapid Re-Housing Research

October 13, 2015 This data snapshot provides an overview of 2015 research into the effectiveness of rapid re-housing, including data from the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Short-term Impacts from the Family Options Study and the Department of Veterans Affairs Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) FY 2014 Annual Report.

Media Resource: Trends in Homelessness

April 24, 2015 Is homelessness in the U.S. increasing or decreasing? There appear to be conflicting answers to that question. This is due to variations in the types of people counted, the data sources used, and methodologies used to collect data. This resource explains trends in homelessness as well as the various data sources for and limitations on data collected on homelessness.

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