1.10 The Blueprint for EndingFamily Homelessness


Conference Presentation | August 8, 2014

Files: Ending Family Homelessness: How HUD’s Programs Can Help Meet the Goal by Ann Marie Oliva (PDF | 190 KB | 16 slides) Mercer County’s Framework for Ending Family Homelessness by Brian M. Hughes (PDF | 106 KB | 7 slides) What Does Research Tell Us About Homelessness Among Families? by Marybeth Shinn (PDF | 298 KB | 19 slides)

1.10 The Blueprint for Ending Family Homelessness

How can your community end family homelessness? This workshop will provide a broad overview of the research policy and practice strategies that are helping communities to end family homelessness with a particular focus on rapid Re-Housing, coordinated assessment, and targeted services. The workshop will highlight a community that has made dramatic progress in reducing family homelessness.